A list of elementary school district

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Ward (ku) School district Classification of disaster
Sediment Flood Storm surge Tsunami
Naka-ku Hakushima
Naka-ku Moto-machi
Naka-ku Nobori-cho
Naka-ku Fukuro-machi
Naka-ku Takeya
Naka-ku Senda
Naka-ku Honkawa
Naka-ku Nakajima
Naka-ku Yoshijima-higashi
Naka-ku Yoshijima
Naka-ku Hirose
Naka-ku Kanzaki
Naka-ku Funairi
Naka-ku Eba
Higashi-ku Fukugi
Higashi-ku Nukushina
Higashi-ku Kaminukushina
Higashi-ku Hesaka
Higashi-ku Hesakashiroyama
Higashi-ku Toujou
Instructions to take emergency measures to ensure safety
Evacuation instructions
Evacuation instructions for the elderly and other persons requiring special care
No warnings/advisories issued.
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