A list of designated emergency evacuation area and designated shelter

State of opening:
Notes, precautions
  • You can evacuate any evacuation areas regardless of the ward (ku) or elementary school district you live. 
  • Beware that all evacuate areas will not open.
  • ○, 3F, 2F in table indicate to correspond to the type of the disaster. 
  • 3F, 2F in table indicate to correspond to above 3rd floor, above 2nd floor of each facility.
Ward (ku) School district Name of facility and building Map Designated emergency evacuation area Designated shelter State of opening
Classification of disaster
Sediment Flood Storm surge Earthquake Tsunami Great fire
Asakita-ku Mita Mita nursery school Map × 2F
Asakita-ku Mita Kamimita meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Mita Mita Elementary School Map 2F ×
Asakita-ku Kakogawa Kakogawa Children's house Map 2F
Asakita-ku Kakogawa Karuga nursery school Map ×
Asakita-ku Kakogawa Kakogawa nursery school Map
Asakita-ku Kakogawa Ogawara , Kamifukawa meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Kakogawa Kakogawa Elementary School Map 2F ×
Asakita-ku Fukawa Fukawa Children's house Map ×
Asakita-ku Fukawa Kouyou junior high school Map
Asakita-ku Fukawa Kouyou public hall Map ×
Asakita-ku Fukawa Fukawa nursery school Map ×
Asakita-ku Fukawa Fukawa meeting place Map ×
Asakita-ku Fukawa Asakita-ku sports center Map
Asakita-ku Fukawa Fukawa Elementary School Map 3F ×
Asakita-ku Kamezaki Kamezaki Children's house Map
Asakita-ku Kamezaki Kamezaki Junior High School Map ×
Asakita-ku Kamezaki Kamezaki meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Kamezaki Kamezaki Elementary School Map ×
Asakita-ku Kamezaki Nishiyama park Map ×
Asakita-ku Kurakake Kurakake Children's house Map
Asakita-ku Kurakake Hiroshima City synthesis Disaster Control Center Map ×
Asakita-ku Kurakake Kurakake meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Kurakake Kurakake public hall Map
Asakita-ku Kurakake Kurakake Elementary School Map ×
Asakita-ku Kurakake Kurakake Park Map ×
Asakita-ku Kurakake Prefectural fire academy, City general disaster prevention center Map
Asakita-ku Magame Ochiai Junior High School Map
Asakita-ku Magame Magame public hall Map
Asakita-ku Magame Magame Children's house Map
Asakita-ku Magame Magame nursery school Map
Asakita-ku Magame Magame meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Magame Magame Elementary School Map ×
Asakita-ku Magame Egeyama park Map ×
Asakita-ku Magame Terasako Park Map
Asakita-ku Ochiai-higashi Ochiai-higashi Children's house Map
Asakita-ku Ochiai-higashi Ochiai-higashi meeting place Map
Asakita-ku Ochiai-higashi Kumura Hall Map ×
Asakita-ku Ochiai-higashi Ochiai nursery school Map
Asakita-ku Ochiai-higashi Ochiai-higashi kindergarten Map
Information:3F, 2F
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