A list of water level information

Date and time of observation 2021/12/02 01:10
Applicable areas Observatory name Map Applicable school district River name State of water level Standard water level
Water level 10 minutes ago (m) Actual water level (m) Rise and fall Stand-by water level for flood fighting corps (m) Flood watch water level (m) Water Level Basis for Decision to Evacuate (m) Flood danger water level (m)
Higashi-ku, Minami-ku Oosu Map Onaga, Yaga, Koujin-machi, Oozu Fuchuoo River 0.55 0.55 - 1.40 1.90 2.30
Naka-ku, Higashi-ku, Minami-ku Danbara Map Enkou River -1.16 -1.16 - - - 2.15
Excessive water level of danger of overflow
Excessive water level of determination of evacuation
Excessive water level of overflow warning
Excessive water level of flood prevention teams standby
Normal level
Missing data or observation, or pause etc.