A list of designated emergency evacuation area and designated shelter

Ward (ku):
School district:
Name of facility and building:
Part: All Designated emergency evacuation area Designated shelter
State of opening: All Established
Notes, precautions
*You can evacuate any evacuation areas regardless of the ward (ku) or elementary school district you live. 
*Beware that all evacuate areas will not open.
*○, 3F, 2F in table indicate to correspond to the type of the disaster.
*3F, 2F in table indicate to correspond to above 3rd floor, above 2nd floor of each facility.
Prefectural Hatsukaichi high school
[Ward (ku)] Saeki-ku
[School district] Rakurakuen
[Designated emergency evacuation area] Sediment(), Flood(), Storm surge(), Earthquake(○), Tsunami(×), Great fire(○)
[Designated shelter]
[State of opening]
[Ward (ku)] Saeki-ku
[School district] Ishiuchi-kita
[Designated emergency evacuation area] Sediment(○), Flood(○), Storm surge(○), Earthquake(○), Tsunami(), Great fire()
[Designated shelter] ○
[State of opening]
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